Internationally recognised Graffiti Artist, DILK, was born in Nottingham in the 70's. He has been painting since 1986, travelling the world to paint, promote and push graffiti forward.
In 2002, he opened "Coverage" in Nottingham, one of the first graffiti art store in England and started giving graffiti-based work for organisations and companies.In 2008, Dilk then went on to open UK's first and only MONTANA COLORS store in Hockley.

Photo by: Weekend Weekly Magazine (Hong Kong)

Photo by: Weekend Weekly Magazine (Hong Kong)


March 2017 - HKWALLS Print Exhibition, Ovolo Southside Hotel, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong
September 2015 - D2 Club Art Exhibition, Greater China Club, Lai Chi Kok, Hong Kong.
September 2014 - Montana Colors 20 Years, 20 Writers Exhibition, Montana Gallery Barcelona Barcelona, Spain.
June 2012 - The Magic Number Exhibition, King Of Paint, Bristol, England.
October 2011 - DILK "An Exhibition", New Court Gallery, Repton, England.
July 2011 - DILK; A Retrospective Exhibition, Lace Market Gallery, Nottingham, England.
December 2010 - DILK "All I'm saying is, it takes a lot to love you", Muchos Cuadros Art Gallery, Nottingham, England.
June 2010 - Portrait of A City; Nottingham Names and Faces, From The 1600s to 2010, Nottingham Castle Museum & Art                       Gallery, Nottingham, England.
January 2007 - ANTI DRIP Lifestyle, Montana Shop & Gallery Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain.


Nottingham Street Art Festival | Notitngham, England
Step In The Arena | Eindhoven, Holland
RCF Showcase Event , New Art Exchange | Nottingham, England
Mural Project, West End Arcade | Nottingham, England
Wall for ESSO, HKWALLS | Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong
SECRETWALLS | Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong
Legal Shutter Tokyo | Sumida, Tokyo

Kings of color | Den Bosch, Holland
Nottingham Street Art Festival | Notitngham, England
Step In The Arena | Eindhoven, Holland
HKWALLS | Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong
&BLANC Fashion Store, Opening Party | Nottingham, England
Mad Circus Event | Lamma Island, Hong Kong
Weekend Weekly Magazine (Hong Kong) | Interview

Galleries of Justice | Nottingham, England
Montana Shop Nottingham 7 years Exhibition x Rough Trade Nottingham, England
I Love Hip Hop | The Haag, Holland
Broadway Cinema | Nottingham, England
Flo Skatepark | Nottingham, England
Street Art Festival, Surface Gallery | Nottingham, England
Rough Trade Yard Party | Nottingham, England
Step In The Arena | Eindhoven, Holland
Sneinton Market | Nottingham, England
Onmi Gallery Paris | Paris, France
The Brooklyn Social Bar and Diner | Derby, England
Fifty Shade of Spray magazine (England) | Interview
Pointless Magazine (Italy) | Interview

Red Bull CURATES: Watch this space | Nottingham, England
Detonate Festival 2014 | Nottingham, England

Yard Five Summer Jam 2013 | Berlin, Germany
Burn Yard Festival 2013 | Budapest, Hungary
Damon Albarn | Studio 13, London
Kings of Colors |  ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Holland
LeftLion Office | Lace Market, England
Liquitex X Subism Shoreditch to Saatchi, Live Art | The Book Club, London
Prince Harry at Nottingham, Live painting | Russell Youth Club, Nottingham
Lace Market Bar | Nottingham, England
Nottingham Contmporary x Red Bull event | Nottingham, England
100 UK Graffiti Artists | Book

Yard Five Berlin Art Show | Berlin, Germany
Creative Careers Conference 2012, New College | Broadway, Nottingham
NCP Car Park Stoney Street | Nottingham, England
Element Store Nottingham | Nottingham, England
Nottingham Carnival 2012 | Forest Field, England
Notts Property | Nottingham, England
Berlin Wall Summer Jam by Yard Five | Berlin, Germany
Radcliffe Skatepark | Radcliffe, England
LeftLion Magazine | Interview
Light Night Festival 2012 | Nottingham, England
Radcliffe Skatepark | Nottingham, England

FHJ Crew | ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Holland
Creative Careers Conference Closing Speakers | Broadway Media Centre, England
Switch Studio | Nottingham, England
Dedicated Store Cologne | Cologne, Germany
Paris Des Chefs x Sat Bains | Paris, France

World Expo 2010: Wall Lords Final, Shanghai | Shanghai, China
Element studio, Red Bull | Nottingham, England
MAHALA Charity to Africa | Nottingham, england
I Love Hip Hop | The Haag, Holland

Sprite Graffiti Fest 2009 | Sofia, Bulgaria
CBBC Blue Peter | BBC London, England
Subism x Quad Derby | Derby, England
Nottingham Art Theatre | Nottingham, England
Jon Bugerman: 'Economies of Scale' show | Deshan Art Space, Beijing, China

Kosmopoli festival | Paris, France